Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday, January 13

A blogging friend, Alli, invited me, along with a few other Nashville mommy bloggers, to Celine Dion at the last minute today. I have wanted to see her in concert for YEARS and was so thrilled to have the opportunity to see the show. It was incredible. Here was the set-list:
  • Drive All Night
  • Power of Love
  • What Do you Say
  • Its All Coming Back to Me
  • Because You Loved Me
  • Waiting for You
  • ??
  • All by Myself
  • I'm Alive
  • Shadow of Love
  • ??
  • I'm Your Angel
  • How Do I Get You Alone
  • A French song (don't know the name)
  • My Love
  • The Prayer
  • Man's World??
  • Hope, Trust, Love
  • River Deep, Mountain High (Encore #1)
  • My Heart Will Go On - Titantic (Encore #2)


  1. Oh my gosh! Wasn't it absolutely fabulous!

  2. WOWOW! How fun!
    And I love your photo, great shot!

  3. Great shot. Glad you were able to go. I am going to her concert in Raleigh, NC on Tuesday. I am really excited. I saw her years ago in Onatrio, Canada and she was a fabulous showman.

  4. So fun!

    Now where can we buy those pants for Blissdom09?

  5. Quick question... what font did you use on "tuesday"? I love it and want to get it!!! Thanks. You can email me at roccomom23@hotmail.com :) Thank you again!! I love your blog!!

  6. Of course you know dad thinks Celine is the world`s best singer. He would walk across the street to hear her sing, Matt can tell you he has never walked across the street to see or hear anyone, ever, but to hear Celine Dion,well he would definitely walk across for her. love, mom


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