Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday, Oct 1

Elias's boo boo hasn't stopped him from being the happiest kid on the block. He gets so excited when we get to day care every day. He kicks his feet and grins.

Wednesday, Sept 30

Elias fell down on the playground today and really cut his chin. I tried to put neosporin and a band aid on it, but that didn't last long!

Tuesday, Sept 29

Every morning when Elias wakes up, he wants the lamp and the CD player turned on. Then he likes to dance a little bit. It is so cute.

Monday, Sept 28

Elias loves being outside and looking at everything around him. He is so curious and busy.

Sunday, Sept 27

Matthew loves wearing Elias when he takes him out, and Elias gets a kick out of being worn. I love seeing Matthew with Elias on his back. I think it is so cute.

Saturday, Nov 26

Today I went to the MOPS convention. The best part was getting to hang with Angie and my blogging friend Andrea. It was a refreshing day.

Friday, Sept 25

Tonight I had dinner with some of the girls from (in)courage at Catina Loredo. It was a lot of fun to have a girls night out.

Thursday, Sept 24

I love that Elias still sleeps with his hands behind is head, just like in the picture from in my belly. He is so sweet.

Wed., Sept. 23

Today was Muffins with Mommy at Elias's daycare. He painted a little paper muffin and I helped glue on some foam shapes- which he tried to eat. Nice, Elias.

Tuesday, Sept 22

Today I had a big luncheon event for a client. Paula snapped this shot of me before it began. I look tired, I think.

Monday, Sept 21

Elias will just sit and play and play in the living room. He loves his wood toys.

Sunday, Sept 20

Paw Paw was really impressed by what a good player Elias is. They had fun with blocks before church. It was so sweet.

Saturday, Sept 19

Elias was a little clingy to me on Saturday when all the family came for a visit. He warmed up though. He had a good time going on a walk with Aunt Kelley, Katelyn, Christian and me.

Friday, Sept. 18

Today Elias and I flew to Maryland for a weekend visit with Matthew's family. He had fun playing in the children's area at the airport.
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