Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday, June 24

Matthew did a photo shoot with Elias this afternoon, but he was NOT in the mood.

Monday, June 22

We got new carpet today! Our condo looks AMAZING. We are so grateful for this generous gift from my family.

Sunday, June 21

Today was Matthew's first Father's Day. I made pancakes, we went to church and then went swimming. It was a great day to spend together.

Saturday, June 20

I moved Elias's toys to the spot beneath our DVD player. He loves to pull it out, pull toys out and even put himself into the cubby. We have an explorer and a total boy on our hands!

Friday, June 19

Elias got a balloon at the grocery store today and he thought it was the coolest thing ever. It carried it through the whole store and then wouldn't let go of it until we got home.

Thursday, June 18

Jillian and Elias are great buds at day care. They have been together since Elias was 6 weeks old. It is neat to watch them play with one another.

Wednesday, June 17

Elias fell right back to sleep after his morning bottle this morning. He is getting so big.

Tuesday. June 16

Elias has his own shelf of books under the end table. He pulls them all out almost every morning and night.

Monday, June 15

Elias's favorite pasttime is pulling out my crafty mats and throwing them all over our bedroom floor. A penguin and a pot to bang on are also fun toys.

Sunday, June 14

Elias was so tuckered out this afternoon he fell asleep on his daddy. So sweet.

Saturday, June 13

We are making going to the pool a weekly event and Elias loves it. So does Mommy.

Friday, June 12

Elias enjoyed standing between the couch and his exersaucer tonight. Big boy.

Thursday, June 11

Elias is getting better and better at standing up next to furniture. He needs help getting up, but once he is up, he is up!

Wednesday, June 10

Tonight we talked with Melissa on the computer and Elias kept trying to get at the computer. It had us all laughing.

Monday, June 8

Elias was so sweet this morning during his morning nap, sleeping on his tummy with his butt in the air - facing the wrong direction in his crib, as always.

Sunday, June 7

Mandy, Elias and I went swimming in our big pool today. He loved the water immediately. It was a day I will never forget.

Saturday, June 6

We let Elias swim in his kiddie pool for the first time today. He LOVED splashing in the water.

Friday, June 5

Elias was so tired after day care today that he fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep when we carried him upstairs. He slept on our bed for an hour.

Thursday, June 4

This week was Elias's first week in the lamb room. He did pretty well, though he didn't nap as much. He's just so busy!

Wednesday, June 3

Elias is VERY interested in looking outside these days... and he always wants to get out the door when someone goes out. I love seeing his curiosity.

Tuesday, June 2

Tonight was one of my last times nursing Elias, so I had Matthew snap a few photos. I will always treasure my time nursing our baby.

Monday, June 1

Elias's reusable swim diaper came in the mail today, so we tried it out in the bathtub. He looked so cute in it.

Sunday, May 31

Elias and I hung out at the Smith's today. It was great to catch up with Angie and let the kids play together. They will be life-long friends.

Saturday, May 30

Today was Julie's bridal shower. Traci and I drove down together. It was fun to be with Susan and Daisy too!

Friday, May 29

Matthew and Elias have such great expressions in this photo. I think it will forever be one of my favorites.

Thursday, May 28

Elias fell asleep in the car on the way home from day care today. I love how he still held his board book the whole way home - even in his sleep.

Wednesday, May 27

Elias is so cuddly when he is getting tired. I love the look he is giving his Daddy in this picture.

Tuesday, May 26

I cleaned out Elias's sock drawer tonight. I can't believe how much his feet have grown!

Monday, May 25

Dan is a huge Cubs fan, so he bought Elias a Cubs baseball hat. They looked so cute in their almost matching hats

May 24

I love that several generations are in this photo. So sweet to see Mom and Nana interacting with Elias.

May 23

Elias and Roommate finally met! We hadn't seen each other since I was pregnant. It was so good to catch up.
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