Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thursday, May 21

Here is Elias's Thursday Panda class. I have loved watching these babies grow and am glad they are moving up with Elias to the Lamb room.

Wednesday, May 20

More bath time fun! I just love bath time with Elias. He is such a happy baby.

Monday, May 18

This is Elias's last week in the Panda room, so I had to take a few pictures. Here he is with his Monday class.

Sunday, May 17

Matthew went to write for the day at Starbucks, since he is on deadline for Hear No Evil. Elias and I were out running errands and decided to pop in for a little visit.

Saturday, May 16

Lazy Saturday afternoons, laying on the couch with Daddy, are the best.

Friday, May 15

Elias is quite the explorer lately. Everything that is around him he must pick up - like leaves in the grass!

Thursday, May 14

When I got to day care today, Elias was swinging with Kelsey. She takes such good care of him!

Wednesday, May 13

Elias spent the day with Daddy, which meant another photo shoot! I love how he is crinkling his nose in this shot.

Tuesday, May 12

Elias went to the doctor today. You would never know that he was about to get two shots...

Monday, March 11

Today we got an official welcome/congratulations greeting on the birth of Elias from former President Bush. This will surely be a keepsake for Elias forever!

Sunday, May 10

It was my first official Mother's Day today. We went to church, then out for a nice lunch at Sunset Grill. Matthew gave me a beautiful locket that I will always treasure.

Saturday, May 9

We had a girls retreat Friday night and Saturday at Julie Hunt's house. It was great to spend time going deeper with one another. I am so blessed by this group of women.

Friday, May 8

Today was the official announcement that I am Southwest's mommy blogger. It was very exciting to see my blog posts on the homepage of

Thursday, May 7

Most of Elias's footed pajamas don't fit him anymore. He looks like such a big boy in these two piece jammies!

Wednesday, May 6

Elias is getting increasingly expressive. Here are some funny shots Matthew took of him on their day home together.

Tuesday, May 5

In honor on Cinco de Mayo we had chicken quesdillas and guac for dinner tonight. YUM!

Monday, May 4

Elias is starting to eat regular food now. His favorite seems to be lasagna - just like his mommy!

Sunday, May 3

Elias is such a big shot in the bath tub. Now that he can sit in it unassisted, he splashes and plays more than ever!

Saturday, May 2

Today Elias and I went to the Canady's to meet little Daisy and bring them dinner. The two babies looked so cute together.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Friday, May 1

Elias pretty much is waving at everyone all the time now. Here he is this morning, waving at me as I got ready to go in the shower.

Thursday, April 30

Elias fell asleep on his daddy tonight. Of course, he has to be holding his lovey when he falls asleep and yes, he is sucking on his paci on the side of his mouth. Little angel.

Wednesday, April 29

It is warm in Nashville, so Elias has been going barefoot a lot. I love touching his feet while he is sitting in his high chair.

Tuesday, April 28

Elias is eating more and more solid food now! He loves turkey and cheese.

Monday, April 27

Tonight we started a new bible study at Julie's - Anointed Transformed Redeemed. I am really looking forward to what God teaches me through this study.

Sunday, April 26

Tonight was Melissa Snyder's baby shower at Julie's. It is always such a blessing to celebrate the coming arrival of another baby in our group!

Saturday, April 25

Alyson and I took Elias to Red Caboose Park today. He had so much fun swinging and looking at all the kids playing, and we had just as much fun watching him.

Friday, April 24

Grandma bought Elias this cute "You Quack Me Up" outfit with the duck butt for Easter. Today was probably the only day he could wear it before it is too small, so I took a bunch of pictures of him in it. He looked so cute!

Thursday, April 23

I love my expression.

I love Elias's look of, why do you always get so excited about the camera mom?.

I love that you can see my bug in the background.

I love that you can see my chewed fingernails. Not pretty at all, but very me.

I love it.

Wednesday, April 22

Matthew and I were supposed to go see Yanni Voices tonight, but at the last minute he couldn't go with me because Elias came down with pink eye!! Mandy was my date instead. The show was incredible.

Tuesday, April 21

Tonight Matthew had a CCM reunion of sorts at the showing of Jesus People. I had the Parthenon Awards, so couldn't be with him. It was fun for him to hang out with old friends.
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