Monday, September 28, 2009

Thursday, Sept. 17

Lovell won 11 IABC awards tonight and three were for projects I was a part of. It was a fun evening to be rewarded for our work.

Wed., Sept 16

Elias loves sitting and rocking in his rocking chair. He often crawls into it by himself.

Tues., Sept 15

Tonight we went and saw Wicked with Matt and Alyson. The tickets were for my birthday this year. It was amazing.

Monday, Sept. 14

Elias LOVES to wave. He waves at people, cars, trees - anything. It is adorable.

Sunday, September 13

I think Elias might be the happiest child ever. We adore him.

Saturday Sept. 12

Elias LOVES to color. He had so much fun scribbling tonight while we were cooking dinner.

Thurs, Sept 10

Elias had so much fun sitting on Daddy's computer desk while talking to Nana on the computer before school.

Wed. September 9

Elias LOVES playing with the velcro on his shoes- so much that he basically ripped it off. I had to take them to the cobbler to get repaired.

Tuesday, Sept 8

Our friend Jen was in Nashville and stopped by for a short visit. Elias LOVES her. It was so cute to see them laughing.

Monday, Sept 7

It was labor day today, so Elias and I enjoyed some time hanging out in the pool before it closed for the summer.

Sunday, Sept. 6

Kristen and Chip came over for dinner tonight. We had fun catching up. Elias loved them both!

Saturday, Sept 5

Elias loves using puzzle pieces as pacis when he is playing.

Tuesday, Sept 1

Elias's first day in the zebra room! He was more interested in looking down the hall at his former Panda room.
Made by Lena