Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday, March 31

Elias has been pulling on his bumper a lot lately, so I read that we should probably take it off his crib. It looks so bare now when he sleeps- and he can throw his pacis out of it!

Saturday, March 28

Elias and I met little Josie Ulmer today. We joked that maybe they will someday get married. :) Unlikely, but hopefully they will be good friends.

Friday, March 27

Elias was sooo cute in this "teething hammerhead" outfit from our friend Nancy. She gave it to us after he was born and I was so excited that it fits!

Thursday, March 26

Today I won three Prism awards for my work for Alive Hospice. Much of the Alive team was there to celebrate our joint success!

Wednesday, March 25

Elias has gotten so good at holding his sippy cup and drinking out of it all by himself. He's such a big boy.

Tuesday, March 24

Elias now is rolling all over his bed in his sleep. It is not uncommon to find him lying in a totally different position than how we lay him down.

Monday, March 23

Elias was so cute in his Elmo towel after his Monday morning bath.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunday, March 22

Elias has found his voice and is constantly babbling or yelling, as he is here with his penguin bowling set. I love how expressive his face is!

Saturday, March 21

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, so Elias and I went over to Angie's to have her take some new pictures for my blog header. This one isn't going to be the header, but I LOVE it.

Friday, March 20

It's March Madness! Elias got this basketball hoop for Christmas, but we just set it up. Of course, the balls went right in his mouth instead of the basket. He'll learn... :)

Thursday, March 19

Elias and Daddy had a little photo shoot outside today. He got this bucket hat from Nana and we think he looks soooo cute in it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday, March 18

Elias doesn't really like the feel of Matthew's beard. He laughs and squints his nose whenever he kisses his neck. It is so cute!

Tuesday, March 17

Tuesday it was a beautiful 75 degrees. Alyson took Elias out for a long stroller ride to enjoy the beautiful weather and give Matthew a little break. Elias seemed to really like being outside and even fell asleep. They both looked cute in their St. Patty's green!

Monday, March 16

Monday was the first day of spring break. Matthew has Elias all week, and he was pretty fussy for Daddy on day one. The afternoon was better than the morning though, and Elias had a lot of fun playing with his favorite toys.

Sunday, March 15

Nana bought Elias a little seat for in the bathtub so he could play more in it. Tonight was the first time we used it and boy did he play! He splashed until I was soaking wet. He LOVED it.

Saturday, March 14

Elias adores Matthew. His face lights up whenever he is in the room. He follows him when he leaves the room. Matthew says he does the same for me, but it is different I think. They have a special daddy/son bond.

Friday, March 13

Elias gummed part of a baby cracker tonight - he was soooo cute with it. I can't stand how fast he is growing.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday, March 12

It was cold in Nashville today - snow/rain mix and just yucky. Elias didn't seem to mind though, especially since Daddy was carrying him.

Wednesday, March 11

Elias is such a good eater. Here he is having some sweet peas and cereal for dinner. Such a big boy!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday, March 9

Spring has sprung in Nashville! These blooming apple trees are my favorite - and they are everywhere!

Sunday, March 8

We did a St. Patrick's Day photo shoot of Elias today. This is one of my favorite pictures, which Matthew shot.

Saturday, March 7

It was 70 in Nashville today, so Elias and I went for our first stroller ride of spring. I took this picture with my camera on timer - not the best angle, but it documents the trip. :) I love Elias in hats!

Friday, March 6

Elias got his first ear infection! I took him to the doctor this morning, and from his face, you would never know he was in pain.

Thursday, March 5

Elias and I both stayed home sick today - me with a cold and him with the sniffles and a fever. He did find the energy to play in his Einstein bouncer and rip the bird off the ring - repeatedly. Silly boy.

Wed. March 4

Elias was home with Daddy today and the two of them had fun taking a bunch of pictures. I love Elias's cheeks in this picture. Just want to kiss them!

Tuesday, March 3

Just an average evening at home. Elias loves his daddy so much. It rocks.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, March 2

Today I went to visit Elias at day care and he had just fallen asleep. He didn't nap all morning and they said he was fussy, which is so unusual. I think his little teeth are bothering him and he is a little constipated! It is tough being a baby.

Sunday, March 1

It snowed in Nashville last night. We got less than an inch, but it was still fun to see a light covering when we left for church in the morning. Crazy to have daffodils up and snow on the ground!

Saturday, Feb 28

Today I volunteered with more than 400 people from Cross Point in the Nashville community. I did crafts with the kids at Preston Taylor. It was fun to spend time with them and make noodle necklaces. Afterward, I went home with a migraine due to a big weather front coming through Nashville.

Friday, Feb 27

Tonight all three of us went to the Selah concert. It was great to see Todd, Amy and Allan sing and spend some time with our friends. Elias did great - despite Mommy leaving the diaper bag at home.
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