Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday, January 9

The best news all year! A blog reader, Melissa, accidentally ordered two KOTMs, so she offered one for me to buy. YIPPEE!! She sent me her picture of the day to show me the kits... so it had to be my picture today too.


  1. WOW!!! You are VERY LUCKY!!!! Congrats!

    I am doing my own kit very similar to what you had described on your blog. I just bought all my *pieces* today & started putting my album together. I'm so excited! You can see my pics here:

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  2. Oh yah for you!!! I know you're excited! Mine is to be delivered on Monday- all my photos are ready! And of course that will be my photo of the day, too. :o)

  3. What a nice person to let you buy the her extra kit! You've done a nice job with your photos!

    Happy Scrapping!
    A Fellow 365'er

  4. I got my kit this past Friday Jess! I am ready to go. I think I am going to really like doing this.
    Aunt G

  5. Found your blog from Becky Higgins. I was wanting the kit too, but they sold out! Anyways, love your ideas, and what a great friend you have. No matter what this is a great journey to be on. I have chosen to go digi with mine, so by the end of the year I am going to possibly make a Shutterfly book from it all. Happy 365!


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